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Dental Fillings - Dentist Goa

Dental Fillings - is a conservative therapy, which aims at the reconstruction of coronal and radical tooth destruction that has been caused by cavity and external injury. As a result of development in technology aesthetic fillings are more frequently used. As its name suggests, with its use we can reach perfect cosmetic results. Aesthetic filling materials are avaiable in different tinctures. The dentist can sort out the adequate colour with the help of different colour ranges.Goa Dentist,Goa Dentists, Dentist in Goa, Dentists in Goa In-lay is a transition between filling and prosthesis. Dentists use it in case of destruction that cannot be repaired safely with a filling. It can be porcelain or composite affirmed with fiberglass. After taking an imprint the dental technician makes the realistic reproduction of the missing part, which the dentist will fix with cement. Every dental filling requires regular evaluation visit and replacement incase of any fracture or secondary decay. Sealant Tooth-coloured composite fillings Advantages Esthetics – The color of the filling material and the tooth in question can be matched appropriately.Color matching is more critical as far as front teeth are concerned. Bonding to tooth structure – Composite filling has micromechanical type of retention with tooth structure. Other uses – Composite fillings can also be used to repair chipped, broken or worn teeth. Disadvantages Composite fillings wear out and discolors with time. In very deep cavities it may make the tooth non vital. Others Glass ionomer cement is a tooth colored filling material that is available which has advantages like flouride release and chemical bonding to tooth structure, which can help protect the tooth from further decay. TEMPORARY FILLINGS Temporary fillings are used under the following circumstances 1. For fillings that require more than one appointment. 2. During root canal therapy. Problems With Dental Fillings 1. Wearing out of the filling 2. Fracture of filling/tooth or both .Incase of fractured filling there will be food lodgment followed by secondary decay. 3. Discoloration of the filling and tooth 4. Pain and sensitivity- if the pain and sensitivity last for more than a week kindly consult your dentist.

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