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Orthodontics is a specific area of dentistry that specializes in diagnosing, preventing and treating dental and facial issues, the most common, "straightening of crooked teeth". In layman's terms, the area of dentistry that deals with a "bad bite" also known in the dental profession as "malocclusion". 

In order to provide successful orthodontic treatment, the dentist must be very skilled at using different types of corrective applications. They must be able to bring the teeth and jaw into proper alignment which requires an in depth understanding of how different corrective appliances work. 

The one drawback to orthodontic care, especially as an adult, is the length of time it takes to complete treatment. There are many new technologies today that make wearing dental braces less visible. Some treatments can accelerate the time it takes to correct your bad bite or crooked teeth. The best way to determine a treatment option is to have a consultation with a dentist who provides orthodontic care or a specialized orthodontist.  Straightening your teeth with traditional orthodontics allows you to keep your natural teeth without having to remove natural tooth structure. If your teeth are healthy and just need to be aligned, orthodontics will allow you to preserve your natural teeth. Benefits of orthodontic treatment better appearance of teeth, smile and face Improved self-esteem and self-confidence Cleaner, healthier teeth Keeping your natural teeth without having to remove natural tooth structure An even bite for improved jaw alignment and function Problems to Watch for in Adults and Orthodontic Treatment It's never too late to seek orthodontic treatment! 

Many adults now seek orthodontic treatment to correct conditions that were not corrected when they were children. Some come with simple cosmetic concerns about their front teeth. Some come with a great smile, but with functional problems that cause chewing problems. Others come with headaches that are related to their malocclusion. There are some limitations to adult orthodontic treatment, but there are valuable benefits as well. Orthodontic treatment is individualized based on the patient's needs and their desires. It can range from a few months to a few years. Most comprehensive treatment is accomplished in 18-24 months. Treatment generally requires the placement of fixed appliances or brackets on the teeth during that time. Limited treatment can sometimes be done with removable appliances that look like retainers. 

During treatment, it is very important that you keep regular visits with our office as directed and regular recall cleaning appointments with your general dentist. The orthodontist does not replace your general dentist but works as a partner for your overall dental health.

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