Dr. Mario Lawrence Alvares

2024 |


Dr. Mario Lawrence Alvares (Raia Dental Clinic): Elevating Dental Care with Precision.

Within the realm of dental healthcare, Dr. Mario Lawrence Alvares has firmly established himself as an esteemed practitioner, renowned for his resolute dedication, precision, and compassionate approach. Possessing a Bachelor of Dental Surgery degree from the prestigious Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Dr. Alvares has practiced for five years, consistently demonstrating his unwavering commitment to both the scientific and artistic aspects of dentistry.

Dr. Alvares' professional journey commenced under the mentorship of Dr. Aquaviva at the renowned Cosmetic Dental Center in 2019. It was here that he meticulously honed his craft, specializing in the complex domain of root canal treatments (RCTs). Dr. Alvares' dedication to perfecting this challenging procedure is evident in the extensive number of over 250 successful RCTs he has skillfully conducted, ensuring minimal patient discomfort and maximizing overall satisfaction.

Expanding his professional horizons, Dr. Alvares assumed a pivotal role at Raia Clinic in August 2020. Concurrently, he extends his expertise to provide evening services at the Nagoa Dental Clinic, reinforcing his commitment to comprehensive patient care and well-being.

For Dr. Alvares, dentistry is not merely a profession; it is an enduring passion rooted in his formative experiences as a dental patient. Childhood visits to the dentist kindled a profound respect for the dental profession and its unique amalgamation of scientific expertise and artistic finesse, motivating him to make a tangible difference in the lives of patients through the medium of their smiles.

Dr. Alvares' comprehensive range of services encompasses a wide array of procedures, showcasing his proficiency in delivering treatments such as fillings (both composite and Glass Ionomer cement), crowns, root canals, extractions, and dentures. Furthermore, his expertise is particularly evident in the intricate realm of root canal treatments, including the utilization of cutting-edge rotary endodontic techniques, underscoring his steadfast commitment to remaining at the forefront of dental advancements.

One of the distinguishing characteristics of Dr. Alvares is his innate ability to empathize with patients' trepidations and apprehensions. Drawing from his own experiences as a dental patient, he comprehends the anxiety often associated with dental chair encounters. Consequently, he undertakes additional measures to ensure the comfort and relaxation of his patients, rendering their dental experiences as stress-free and serene as possible.

Dr. Mario Lawrence Alvares epitomizes the consummate dental professional. His journey from being a dental patient to a proficient practitioner affords him a unique and empathetic perspective, which conspicuously manifests in the quality of care he delivers. Those who seek a dental specialist proficient in precision, artistry, and compassion will find in Dr. Alvares a name they can trust. His unwavering commitment to delivering the highest caliber of care perpetually results in healthy and confident smiles. Dr. Alvares's mission is to elevate dental healthcare one patient at a time.

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